Interior Waterproofing Technique

  • Interior waterproofing is typically more affordable than exterior waterproofing.
  • Inspection for tie-rod, pipe penetration, top of foundation, window well, porous concrete, cove joint mortar joint, floor drain, floor crack, and foundation wall cracks are leaks that require a unique solution.
  • Depending on the type of leaks, the technique used to fix leaky basement varies.
  • It is more than likely that a company’s situation to a type of leak differs from another company. However, one thing professional companies have in common is that interior waterproofing diverts the water to a sump pump or existing drainage system after it enters the basement. The best solution is to divert water before it enters the foundation – this is known as exterior waterproofing.
  • The most effective interior waterproofing technique is to cut the basement floor along the wall perimeter to install an interior drainage system. The drainage system will address the issue of hydrostatic pressure which is the upward force.
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